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Неограниченные возможности для вашего онлайн бизнеса

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Pure eCommerce, no hassle

A Cloud eCommerce system can help you build your own online business in a fast and secure way, with minimum investment and without the need for technical know-how. It's time for eCommerce to become accessible to any entrepreneur with a new business idea. Forget about slow website loading times, about having to monitor your servers, about software / hardware upgrades or system security.

ShopMania BIZ Cloud eCommerce takes care of all this for you and allows you to focus on what really matters - growing your online business.

Minimum costs

By using a Cloud solution for your online shop, you don’t need to worry about the initial investments. You don’t need to buy your own server, don't need to pay for a separate hosting service and definitely don't need to pay for the development of your store. You will however get access to all the new features and apps that we constantly add to the service.

At the same time, depending on your business needs, you can always increase or limit the amount of resources you use and also optimize your costs thanks to the scalability of the system.

Security and stability with ShopMania BIZ Cloud eCommerce

Security is one of the most important advantages of the Cloud technology. In the ShopMania Biz Cloud system, the data of each client is completely partitioned, so that none of the areas interferes with the others. The connection to the servers is secured according to the highest standards, making sure that you are the only one with access to your data. It's like having your own server, without paying considerable amounts of money.

Fully scalable in the Cloud

While your business grows, so will your technical requirements. Unlike open source eCommerce solutions, which would normally require new investments for extending the technical infrastructure, a Cloud eCommerce system will always be ready to efficiently sustain your new volume of clients, orders, traffic and continuously growing product catalog.